Aramis Fencing School has been teaching Modern Classic Fencing (MCF) since 1998. We are the world’s largest school of MCF. We exist for all those who share a passion for sport and tradition of weapons fighting. We operate in several cities in Poland, MCF is also developing worldwide, currently mainly in Spain.

MCF is an extreme sport that develops parallel to sport fencing. It has its championships and competitions. The rules are subordinated to the assumption that every fight must be carried out as if the weapon was sharp. Fighting at the competitive level is a full-contact fight, it allows the use of other techniques than just weapon use, so martial arts are an important element of our training.

Trainings are conducted by qualified instructors. Coaches in our school are usually active players at the highest level, multiple medalists, including the medalists of the Polish Cup in MCF.

Weapons we use: sword, saber, rapier (with a dagger).

Fencing is a sport that requires athletes to be physically and mentally prepared at the highest level. We develop general mobility based on the most modern training methods, including strength, speed and endurance preparation, natural movement flow exercises, stretching and building general movement awareness.

We verify our skills in sparrings and competitions, they are the best and only way to check the actual skill level of a fencer. We organize the Polish National Cup in Modern Classic Fencing (MCF). It is a series of competitions taking place in various cities in Poland throughout the year. We have been organizing the Polish National Championships in Modern Classic Fencing (MCF) since 2005.


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